2008: Priest M7B1

Below are links to the pictures of the restoration progress. New updates will appear on the top of this page site.

Saturday 13-12-08
This Saturday we all worked on the Priest, also made some parts for the Priest at the Maczek Museum


Saturday 29-11-08
Ernest worked on the aircleaners and made the air valves in it.

Saturday 15-11-08
Worked further on the engine bay.

Saturday 1-11-08
Worked on the new steel gasoline covers in the engine room.


Saturday 25-10-08
Pressed 5 shafts out of the bogie arms, Also prepared the Humber and Halftrack for the movie on sunday. Also their are photo's of the steel parts that we have now (the floor, boxes etc). Now we have to weld / drill some holes etc. After that they can be sandblasted and painted.

Thursday 23-10-08
Went to cromvoirtse and tried a new idea with the press. Also a sneak picture of some steel parts versus old.

Saturday 18-10-08
worked on the Humber and Priest

Saturday 11-10-08
Got the wheels transportation ready and worked on the Humber.

Saturday 4-10-08
Made a lot of progress. Late in the night we me our first drive around the block with the Halftrack M5, it was wonderful!. We also got most of the shafts out of the wheels with a total of 40 ton press. We also could find some dates of the wheels on the Priest, the oldest one we found was dated 44 - 2.



Bogies and Red Diamond 21-9-08
Worked further on the Bogie's and reinstalled the red diamond engine. Also the two teams had some good competition, The Priest team finally won at the end, because we finished earlier then the halftrack team (separate bogies versus install engine)

Work on Half track and Priest 20-9-08
Today we worked further on the Half track and Priest, also got some heavy roller from our Belgium's friends so that we could remove the last bogies wheels and take them apart.

September 16th 2008: work on Half track and some stacking
Worked further on the Half track m5, some progress photos. And some photo's of the parts that we had put in big baskets (it's like treasuring XD), Know we have to dig them out and get them prepped for sandblasting. The mechanical parts to get the Priest running are the first who get's out to the sandblaster!

Priest, Halftrack Progress
We decided to work in two teams, one team for finishing our Halftrack M5 International, its almost 80% finished but due to a engine failure, after completely being refreshed (better than fabrication specs!) our motivation left us.

We also worked again on our own Priest. We finished the armor plates for the one in Breda and started in finding back our parts and stack them, loads of work :O, cause everything is so darn heavy ;).


Our first Priest back from sandblasting
Our first Priest just arrived from the sandblaster. It really looks nice! We have to do some minor welding and grinding before we can start with painting and assembling. The welded plate, between the engine and compartment looks very nice. Also the new U-beams (brackets) for the canon have come out fine! Look at the picture to see it yourself.