2009: Priest M7B1

Below are links to the pictures of the restoration progress. New updates will appear on the top of this page site.

Wednesday 11-11-09
Worked on the shafts


Saturday 21-03-09
Working on the steering shafts and Halftrack

Wheels 12-03-09
Our bogie wheels with new rubber and oil-seals & bearings.

Saturday 7-03-09
Glenn made an battery / charger car. Ivo Sr. worked on the front fenders. Ivo Jr. did some drawing work.

Saturday 04-03-09
Working Halftrack


Saturday 21-02-09
Dismantled the track idler wheel and worked on the engine bay of the Priest.

Saturday 14-02-09
Worked on the M10 trailer


Saturday 31-01-09
Worked on the last shaft, also photo of the sandblasted parts

Saturday 17-01-09
This Saturday we worked removing the rockererarms and on the Halftrack M5.

Saturday 10-01-09
This Saturday we made the shipment ready for upcoming tuesday. All the stuff will be transported to the sandblaster.