Dream Team

Our Dream exist of five man: Ernest Donders, Sebastiaan Hulsof, Glenn Liebrechts,Ivo Rigter Jr. en Ivo Rigter Sr. You can us most Saturdays in our new workshop in Eindhoven and sometimes were also through the week spending time on our hobby. There's also place for any enthusiast who wants to work on Priest. Take up contact with us! by mailing to: ivorigter@hotmail.com

Ernest Donders:
Born on 14 October 1968 at Tilburg. The last name says truly something of its character. An enormous hard worker with its heart on the good place, form his early ages he was interested in the second world war. Even as small kid he came home with a Bren that he found in a pillowcase building. Naturally the fun lasted only for short time, because the Police of Helmond didn't know how fast the had to take possession of this weapon. As machine bank worker and as tools maker he has many experience. Currently now he is working as a project manager. When Ernest begins on something, things really going to speed up. He dislike to hang around. On the other hand he likes to talk and is always very interested in other people. If have Ernest in the neighborhood you never go unprepared on your path. He always has some tools or reserve parts with him. He is also someone who can really do a historical dress up. Therefore he also has an impressive collection of historical costumes. Of our Dream Team he is one of the head fitters and support.

Sebastiaan Hulfstof:
My name is Sebastiaan Hulshof. I live in Groenlo which is in the Eastern part of the Netherlands and I’m currently 27 years old. Since last year I started helping Ivo with his projects. I started with the Halftrack, which was almost finished when I began and currently I’m working on one of the Priests. I always try to work efficiently. In my normal live I work as an engineer on a R&D department. In the weekends I try to spent all my energy I have left on Ivo’s vehicles. I have a lot of fun in doing this.
Last year I bought myself a Harley WLA, from 1944. It is great fun to drive a motorcycle, especially a Harley, but my great passion are tanks. My favourite one is a Sherman M4, sorry Ivo. Furthermore I have BMW 323i (E30) in my collection, which is also great fun to drive.

Glenn Liebrechts:
Our driver! Trustworthy, calm, records self-employed and someone that doesn't easily get hit out the field. Moreover you will not become hungry with Glenn in the neighborhood. He makes good coffee and has many something nice to eat with him. He currently owns a DAF. He had a nice restored Reo Truck from 1953. He works as a professional Truck driver. Since a few months he drives at nights a beautiful combination. Because of this it hard to start at the saturday morning at the hobby. In spite of this he almost always at the workshop! Glenn also the one who works through the week and does a large number of extra tough jobs. He has a rich vehicle experience. To sum up some: GMC, harley, Jeep, Humber Armoured Car, IHC Halftrack, BIG DAF, Reo and so you can continue yet well a time.

Ivo Rigter Jr:
I'm the youngest guy of the Dream team: 23 years. As long as I can remember I'm interested it technique. To give a weird example: I tried to build my own airplane when I was 5 year, my imagination was going wild. At the age of 13 I started my first restoration project. It was a really smashed up Suzuki RM380. It took me 3 years to complete it, also because I had to learn a lot to complete it. On the age of 16 I begun together with my dad on bigger project, namely the restoring of a Half-track M5. Later on hereby also Ernest and Glenn came. A Half-track M5 is a caterpillar vehicle with behind tracks and in the front wheels. After 2-3 years the Halftrack is almost finished. In the meantime I restored a Jamathi and made a 50cc racer. As a car I currently have a nissan 200sx turbo which a really like.


Ivo Rigter Sr:
On my 16, I began with the restoration of a Willys jeep. The 'paal 16 express' named to the beach pole were the Jeep stayed behind after the war to supply the the local beach club. It was an enormous adventure because of the influence of the seawater there little left. After that there followed yet a number of jeeps, Dodge's and different vehicles also a pair 25 Pdr. Howitzers. Furthermore a Harley WLA from '44, were I have till today a lot of fun with to drive around. After all this unarmored material I gradually changed to armored material. A C15TA, an International Halftrack, a beautiful Humber Armoured car and recent a Snorted M7B1.I am meanwhile 44 but when I saw this vehicle for the first time I totally was sold. It had but stood gladly 10 year at a German scrap merchant but the state is absolutely good to restore. The target is get this vehicle running. Therefore we need a lot of help and parts. We have the facilities but to make time available will be our biggest problem.