A34 Comet Mk1 Model B T335817 (build in begin of 1945)

We have found our Comet in Finland. There is some history behind this. Finlad had one Comet in May 1960 for trials. Then in November 1960 an aditional of 40 Comets were bought. These comets were given Finish registration numbers going from Ps252-1 to Ps252-41. Our Comet has the finish registration number Ps.252-33 also visible on the turret is the Britisch registration number T335817.

Comets were build by 4 factories in the UK: Leyland, English Electric, Metropolitan-Cammell and Flower. In total 2000 Comets are ordered but in total 1186 comet were built. Based on our registration number it is build by Flower under Contract license M10536, 350 Comets where orderded, but only 150 were built. Going from registration number T335726 till T335875. So our Comet is the 92nd build by Flower.

The Comet is in quite a good state only the engine bay is completely stripped. We have an goal to have Comet up and running in June 2014. During this year we want to bring it to The Normandy Beaches.

Below are links to the pictures of our new restoration. New updates will appear on the top of this page site.





First inspection
Some pictures.

Comet Arrival