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22-08-2011: Updated Site and new Restoration page of a Halftrack M16.

05-10-2010: Update Restoration page of Museum M7B1 and the IHC truck H542-11.

04-10-2010: Update on event page with the White Star Pajot Camp.

06-09-2010: Update on the restoration page of the M7B1 sub directory 2010.

01-09-2010: Update on the events page, with Tanks in Town 2010 at Mons.

16-08-2010: Updated the events page, with Liberty Tour 2010.

15-08-2010: Added Museum Priest M7B1. Update the Normandy 2009 event page. And some minor edits.

13-08-2010: Fixed some bugs and updated the Other Vehicles page.

12-08-2010: New Layout Site, lots of new stuff is in the pipeline (other projects, updates etc).
- Updated the event list. About 200 photo's of Normandy 2010 from a book we made (now 100 uploaded).
- New Dream Team member check out Dream Team page.
- Adjusted and updated Restoration page.

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