Welcome to our new web-page. We began in 2006 the restoration of a world war 2 vehicle, named by the British troops Priest. Its a M7B1 Self Propelled Gun. The Priest is based on a M4A3 Sherman tank with a 105mm Howitzer canon. Since then we made a web page with progress photo's of our restoration work. This web page has grown extensively. Therefore it was needed to rearrange the old web site and start up fresh. This web page should be more surf friendly.

As you know we're also working on other projects, in teams. We worked on the restoration of a Halftrack M5 International, which we took to normandy in 2009.

Since then a lot has happened we now restarted with a restoration of a Priest M7B1 with the hull number 4381 (USA 40152844-S Dec-1944) and a British A34 Comet tank (T335817 begin of 1945) which is our latest addition.

In 2013 we decided to start up a company called BAIV check out the website and facebook page. We will go to Normandy 2014 and are planning to have the Comet on a low loader during Operation Marget Gardan 2014.

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